• September 6, 2021

How to save money and save time with a pharmacy visit at Costco

Costco shoppers can save up to $2,400 on average when they shop at a Costco store, according to a study published Tuesday.Costco shoppers save up.Costco shoppers save.In the survey, commissioned by Costco, about 7 percent of shoppers said they visited a Costco retail store at least once during a shopping period.Costco’s customer service is excellent,…

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‘Pharmacy Technician Certification’ offers ‘a real world’ experience in Australia

The College of Pharmacy Technician (CPT) has issued a certificate that will allow aspiring pharmacists to train as pharmacy technicians in Australia.The CPT, which was created in 2006, is an Australian government-approved qualification that will take a candidate through the final two years of the Pharmacy Training Program.The first stage of the program will include…

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