• September 30, 2021

Sam’s Club pharmacy has been shut down by police in Toronto after ‘multiple’ complaints of drug misuse and fraud

Sam’s club has been closed down by Toronto police after a drug investigation into its pharmacy led to the seizure of drugs that were allegedly purchased illegally, police said Monday.Sam’s Club confirmed the allegations in a statement Monday evening.It said the club had received a “significant number of reports” of alleged drug and fraud violations…

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How to get an MD or DO from the hospital

When you’re looking for a doctor or pharmacist, you might expect the same information you’d find in a medical school admissions process.The hospital’s website, however, tells you that the information is actually different.“In order to receive an MD/DO from a hospital, you will need to submit the following: You must be registered with the hospital,…

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Vaccines cost more for seniors: SAM’s Club pharmacy

SANTA CLARA, Calif.(AP) Sam’s Club is offering some discounts on vaccines for people 65 and older, and it says it will sell them at discounted prices.Sam’s Club announced Tuesday that its pharmacies will be offering vaccines at a reduced price for seniors at the Sam’s club locations, starting Jan. 1.Samuel’s Club pharmacies in California and…

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