• September 18, 2021

When you think you’ve got it made

Two of Rune’s most popular games, RuneScape and The Elder Scrolls Online, are coming to iOS and Android, with the former due to launch this week.The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which was first announced at E3 this year, will come to the iPhone and Android this September.The first two titles were also confirmed to be…

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‘Pharmacy Technician Certification’ offers ‘a real world’ experience in Australia

The College of Pharmacy Technician (CPT) has issued a certificate that will allow aspiring pharmacists to train as pharmacy technicians in Australia.The CPT, which was created in 2006, is an Australian government-approved qualification that will take a candidate through the final two years of the Pharmacy Training Program.The first stage of the program will include…

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