• August 20, 2021

When a Good Neighbor Pharmacy gets a brand new pharmacy card

The new card is issued by a pharmacy in your community, which is then given access to a discount card and a number of other benefits.The card will have the same name as the pharmacy and will also come with a coupon code for a free, one-time purchase of up to $100 in products.You’ll also…

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How to pay for your prescription drug at a pharmacy

The pharmacy chain Martins Pharmacy has introduced a new drug delivery service called Pharmakill.The new service lets people pay for prescriptions online with a credit card.Pharmakills chief executive and founder Dr. Eric Koehler says the service is part of an effort to expand the pharmacy’s business.“We have an aggressive marketing plan that’s going to help…

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How to get the latest news, reviews and coupons from Amazon on your desktop

How to use a Chrome extension to view the latest reviews, deals and coupons for your favourite pharmacies.This article originally appeared on Hacker News.Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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