• August 23, 2021

A New Zealand company is offering a ‘free’ online pharmacy with a £5 voucher, and it’s going viral on social media

Pharmacies and online pharmacies are big business in New Zealand.But it’s also been a tough time for many.Here’s a look at some of the biggest problems.Pharmacy board shop The Pharmacy Board Shop is a new online pharmacy offering a £10 discount with a free giftcard.It is available in Auckland and Hamilton, and is managed by…

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New York City pharmacy chain hires 10 new workers

NEW YORK — New York’s biggest pharmacy chain is hiring 10 new employees, the company announced Tuesday, and the hiring comes after a spate of recent incidents that include a shooting at the New York Public Library.The company said it is also adding more staff, and will begin hiring for summer 2019.The company said the…

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