• August 26, 2021

‘Happiest Pharmacy in America’: ‘It was like Christmas in a bottle’

A super 1 pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida has been named the happiest in America.In a survey by Consumer Reports, the super 1 in West L.A. was voted as the “happiest” pharmacy in America, beating out five other cities that had the highest number of people giving the super1 the thumbs up.The super 1…

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When a Good Neighbor Pharmacy gets a brand new pharmacy card

The new card is issued by a pharmacy in your community, which is then given access to a discount card and a number of other benefits.The card will have the same name as the pharmacy and will also come with a coupon code for a free, one-time purchase of up to $100 in products.You’ll also…

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The best green pharmacy degree for a green career

Green pharmacy degrees have been gaining popularity as the best choice for those seeking a green, sustainable career.These degrees can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to lead your own sustainable business and the benefits of a green environment.But for those wanting to advance their career and build their knowledge base, there…

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