• September 29, 2021

When you get the prescription: How do you get an online prescription for a new drug?

The Pharmacy Benefits website has over 30,000 prescription drugs and the pharmacy benefit manager has the power to make the prescription for you.The pharmacist has to fill out the online form and then it’s up to the pharmacist to deliver the prescription to the prescription drug supplier.You need to sign the form.The pharmacy has to…

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Which pharmacy has the best cash back for medical patients?

Posted October 25, 2018 11:08:10If you’re thinking of trying out a new medical center pharmacy this year, you might want to consider getting a new card.A new cash back card, which is often called a “shopping credit card,” is a credit card with a limited use limit.It’s available for people to get cash back on…

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Pharmacy chains are making ‘overpriced’ medications cheaper, according to a report

Pharmacies have been “overpriced” in recent years, and “nobody really wants to go to a pharmacy” when they need to make medication, according a new report. In a report published by Health Affairs UK, a group of academics from a variety of major research institutes and business associations agreed that “it is the most important issue for pharmacy to provide affordable access to medication”.The…

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