• October 14, 2021

Al Jazeera’s coverage of the opioid crisis in Afghanistan is very different to the one we see in the West

The headlines in Afghanistan are not very pretty.On the one hand, we hear about the country’s ongoing war on drugs and its brutal repression of the opposition, and on the other, we see the death toll of the epidemic.On both counts, the picture is bleak.Yet, despite the grimness of the situation, there is one thing…

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Why are you still not able to order your prescription online?

When it comes to ordering your medications online, the pharmacy might not be your best bet.And the system for tracking it is not as good as it could be.The first step to getting online is actually calling a pharmacy.You can call their toll-free number, but if you have a landline phone, that’s a lot harder.Pharmacies…

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New York pharmacy company to open up shop in Brooklyn

New York City-based drugstore pharmacy and pharmacy-delivery service company nabp is set to open its first Brooklyn store.The Brooklyn store will be located at 1320 East 41st Street, according to a press release issued by the company on Wednesday.The company said that the location will offer “customer-friendly, innovative, and affordable pharmacy services” and “provides convenient…

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