• October 27, 2021

When Amazon says you can’t use the Amazon pharmacy without a prescription, your rights are at stake

Amazon.com Inc. said it was blocking some customers from using the pharmacy-branded pharmacy online.The company said customers can’t shop for prescription drugs online using the Amazon website without a doctor’s prescription.It’s unclear if the online pharmacy is actually Amazon’s.The company said it has no plans to offer a “single pharmacy” service in the U.S. Amazon…

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How to save money at Safeway pharmacy

Health care workers at one of Israel’s largest pharmacies are training to become pharmacists.The government has been promoting a “national pharmacists training program” for the past year and a half, with hopes that the program will make the country’s healthcare system more efficient and cost-effective.It’s hoped the program could boost sales at pharmacies across Israel…

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How to pay for your prescription drug at a pharmacy

The pharmacy chain Martins Pharmacy has introduced a new drug delivery service called Pharmakill.The new service lets people pay for prescriptions online with a credit card.Pharmakills chief executive and founder Dr. Eric Koehler says the service is part of an effort to expand the pharmacy’s business.“We have an aggressive marketing plan that’s going to help…

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