• September 24, 2021

Why we need to have freezers for food in the UK

Food can be an expensive proposition.A few weeks ago, I had a meal at a restaurant that was free and had a fridge stocked with groceries.I was happy with the service, but I was disappointed with the food.I had never experienced a restaurant where there was so much room to store things and a refrigerator…

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How to make sure you get the best vaccines for your children

Vaccines can make your child or child’s parents feel safer and healthier, but they can also make them sick.Al Jazeera’s Dr. Youssef Kebriaei explains how vaccines work, what to look for and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Pharmacy chains are making ‘overpriced’ medications cheaper, according to a report

Pharmacies have been “overpriced” in recent years, and “nobody really wants to go to a pharmacy” when they need to make medication, according a new report. In a report published by Health Affairs UK, a group of academics from a variety of major research institutes and business associations agreed that “it is the most important issue for pharmacy to provide affordable access to medication”.The…

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