• September 30, 2021

Hacked US Pharmacy Vaccines Are Available for Sale for $15 a Bottle on Amazon.com

Hacker News user kdwgwg posted a link to a blog post by a pharmacy chain where they were able to purchase vaccines for sale for $20 a bottle.The company claims the vaccines are designed to be used as a vaccine delivery system and have been designed to deliver the vaccine to people who are on…

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How to make sure you get the best vaccines for your children

Vaccines can make your child or child’s parents feel safer and healthier, but they can also make them sick.Al Jazeera’s Dr. Youssef Kebriaei explains how vaccines work, what to look for and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Vaccines cost more for seniors: SAM’s Club pharmacy

SANTA CLARA, Calif.(AP) Sam’s Club is offering some discounts on vaccines for people 65 and older, and it says it will sell them at discounted prices.Sam’s Club announced Tuesday that its pharmacies will be offering vaccines at a reduced price for seniors at the Sam’s club locations, starting Jan. 1.Samuel’s Club pharmacies in California and…

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