• October 8, 2021

The Dallas Cowboys have the worst defense in the NFL

The Dallas Mavericks are a bad defensive team, but they have the best offense in the league.Their defense is so bad that the team is averaging just 11.4 points per game, the worst in the NBA.Their offense is so good that the Mavericks are averaging nearly 25 points per contest.In other words, they are an…

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New York pharmacy company to open up shop in Brooklyn

New York City-based drugstore pharmacy and pharmacy-delivery service company nabp is set to open its first Brooklyn store.The Brooklyn store will be located at 1320 East 41st Street, according to a press release issued by the company on Wednesday.The company said that the location will offer “customer-friendly, innovative, and affordable pharmacy services” and “provides convenient…

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Which is better for your eyesight?

cvs pharmacies locations,supers one pharmacy source UKNews (AU) title What is the difference between cVS and Super One?article supers one pharmacy locations source USNews (US) title The best pharmacy locations in Australia?article super one pharmacy location source US News (US)/Canada (AU/NZ) title Best pharmacy locations around Australia article cVS pharmacies locations source UK News (AU),…

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