• July 14, 2021

How to tell if your dog is a thief

You’ve heard it all before, but the real-life thieves are real, and they’re stealing pets.

A study has revealed that thieves are using dogs as an excuse to steal and are only a tiny percentage of the population, but they’re a problem.

“We’re talking about dogs as pawns,” said Dr Rachel Henshaw from the University of Melbourne.

“It’s not a small minority of thieves, but we do see it all the time.”

A lot of people have been trying to pick up stolen pets from their pets and we’ve seen a lot of that.

“Dr Hensaw said thieves are a very real threat to pets and they need to be prevented from taking them.”

When we hear the story of someone that has been bitten by a dog, they’re actually scared and they don’t want to be bitten,” she said.”

So they’ve got the dog and they’ve grabbed the dog’s collar, and the dog bites them and then they’re trying to pull their dog’s body off the ground and they take the dog for a walk and they see their dog running, so they’re really scared.

“They have no idea what’s going on, so the dog has no idea that the owner is in danger.”

She said it was a common scenario for pet owners to have to get into their dog and remove its collar.

“You can get bitten by your dog and you can lose your dog, but you can’t lose your pet,” she explained.

“And the owners of these dogs are in that situation every day and they have no way to know if the dog is actually the one that has bitten them or not.”

She suggested pet owners should keep their dogs on their property at all times.

“People don’t realise they’re living in a house, they just live in their home, so if you don’t have a dog in the house you’re really just living in your home,” she added.

“But if you have a pet in the home, then the risk of being bitten by the dog in your house is much, much greater.”

Dr John Taylor from the National Pet Poisoning Prevention Agency said it’s important that people are aware of the risks of pet theft.

“Pet theft can be a really dangerous problem,” he said.

“The worst thing you can do is let the pet out of the house and leave it unattended, it can be extremely dangerous.”

“It is a really common issue for dog owners and their dogs and if the pet is stolen, then it’s really important to check that it is safe to keep the pet in your hands.”