• July 4, 2021

How to Make CVS Pharmacy Technician a Superhero

CVS pharmacy technician can now have a super-hero identity, a new comic book comic has revealed.

The comic, titled How to Be a CVS Technician, is available on Comic Shop Comics and will be available for sale at comic shops and digital retailers in the next two weeks. 

The comic, which was written by Danilo Acosta, stars CVS technician Dario Nunez.

He is also the main protagonist in a new book about the superhero universe, Superhero: The Cinematic Universe.

“Dario’s a super hero, he’s a superhero.

His costume is based on my costume,” the comic’s title states.

“Dario is also an ex-cop who’s been training for the role for a decade.

He’s trained with the world’s top super heroes, and he’s the only person in the world who can beat the evil Black Knight.”

Acosta explained that he wanted to “give the character a different perspective”.

“He’s a badass because he’s an ex police officer who’s trained to be a super cop.

He knows the importance of the job.

But he also wants to become a superhero because he wants to save people,” he told The Guardian.”

The idea of Dario’s being able to beat Black Knight, and then get a super cape, that’s something that I wanted to do with the character, but I also wanted to give a different kind of perspective.”

The book is based around the upcoming Black Knight movie, which will hit cinemas on March 4.

Acosta also revealed that the book’s main villain is “the most feared villain in the DCU”.

“Black Knight is the one who’s going to take over the world and take over everything,” he said.

“But it’s a very different story.

He comes to the city and he doesn’t want to kill anyone.

He wants to make everyone happy.

So he’s got a team of super heroes who are going to save the world, and they’re going to get their powers back.

But then he’s gonna be destroyed.”

The comic is also about the new movie, Black Mirror, and Acosta revealed that “it’s all very meta”.

“We’re going for a very dark tone, and a dark sensibility.

The story is very much about the relationship between Dario and his girlfriend, and the love triangle that they have,” he explained.

“We’re also going for some of the same themes that we see in Black Mirror.”

The character of Daryna (who was inspired by Acosta’s real-life girlfriend, comedian and actor Alyssa Milano) will also appear in the comic. 

“It’s going really well, we’re doing great.

I’m really excited for what we have coming,” Acosta said.

“It’s really fun, it’s very meta, and we’re going very fast.

I think it’s going very well, I’m so excited about it.”

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