• November 2, 2021

How to save $10,000+ a year with Walmart pharmacy tech jobs

Retail pharmacy tech workers can earn up to $10 an hour working in Walmart stores, according to a new survey.

The study from PayScale found that more than 3,500 pharmacy tech positions are filled by Walmart employees each year.

The survey was conducted in August, the company said.

PayScale CEO Michael Nathanson said Walmart has about 2,500 associates working in its retail pharmacy operations.

He added that the company does not have a full list of employees that are qualified for those positions.

Nathanson said a majority of pharmacy techs will need to have a bachelor’s degree to be considered for those jobs.

PayScale also said about 70% of the positions are held by men, while women account for about 60% of those positions, and people of color make up about 15%.

PayScale also found that while the majority of people in retail pharmacy tech roles are women, the percentage of people who are Hispanic or black is higher than average.

The majority of those Hispanic or African Americans who are working in retail pharmacies are men.