• October 14, 2021

Al Jazeera’s coverage of the opioid crisis in Afghanistan is very different to the one we see in the West

The headlines in Afghanistan are not very pretty.

On the one hand, we hear about the country’s ongoing war on drugs and its brutal repression of the opposition, and on the other, we see the death toll of the epidemic.

On both counts, the picture is bleak.

Yet, despite the grimness of the situation, there is one thing that is very clear: The fight against the pandemic is far from over.

In Afghanistan, the situation is not quite as bad as it might seem.

As we reported earlier, it is not yet clear whether the pandemics pandemic will be contained or spread across the country.

The fight for control of the drug trade and the control of supply chains are complex tasks that require a combination of local support, a robust international response and, most importantly, cooperation from the international community.

As a result, the international fight against drug addiction is not entirely predictable and it will not be an easy fight.

This article was produced by Al Jazeera as part of Al Jazeera America’s coverage in Afghanistan.

The article was first published on Al Jazeera.com.