• September 30, 2021

What you need to know about Fred’s pharmacy

The Fred’s Food City pharmacy in Oakland is a popular destination for locals and tourists looking for fresh groceries.

Now, the city has made it a more convenient and accessible place for people with health conditions, like asthma or diabetes.

The Oakland Tribune reports that the city wants to open up Fred’s to the public, with a “full-service pharmacy.”

The city is looking to attract residents with a variety of medical needs and a high demand for fresh food, and the new store would offer a full-service supply of all food, including fresh produce.

The store would be open seven days a week, but there is a 30-day waitlist for those with medical conditions.

This is not a new idea, the Tribune reports, but the new location is the first in the Bay Area.

“It’s an opportunity for us to do something different, something new,” said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

“And I think it’s really a win-win for Oaklanders and for the city.”

The new location will also be open to the general public.

It’s not clear when the store will open, but it is hoped to open sometime next year.

It’s not just food that the new Fred’s would serve.

There are also a number of other health and wellness products and treatments.

The city hopes to get the store to a community level, with new residents and volunteers working to help the store get back to its former glory.