• September 30, 2021

Hacked US Pharmacy Vaccines Are Available for Sale for $15 a Bottle on Amazon.com

Hacker News user kdwgwg posted a link to a blog post by a pharmacy chain where they were able to purchase vaccines for sale for $20 a bottle.

The company claims the vaccines are designed to be used as a vaccine delivery system and have been designed to deliver the vaccine to people who are on antibiotics, which is a serious risk for some people with severe respiratory infections.

The vaccines are also said to contain ingredients that are potentially harmful, such as sodium laureth sulfate, which could cause a skin reaction.

The website also said the vaccines were being distributed for free to pharmacy employees and pharmacies to administer to their patients.

“We are pleased to announce that our vaccines have been distributed for sale at Amazon.

The vaccine will be available for purchase at this time.

The purchase price of $15 per bottle is available for $30, which will be paid for with credit card,” the company said.

It also provided an email address for pharmacy employees who were interested in buying the vaccine.

The pharmacy chain said that they were working with a pharmacy in San Francisco, California that specializes in delivering vaccines, and are working to distribute them to customers at no cost.