• September 17, 2021

Rogers says it’s working to improve quality of care at its pharmacies

Rogers says the company is working with its suppliers to improve the quality of its pharmacy supply chain.

In a statement on Tuesday, the company said it was “working with its pharmacy partners to ensure that our pharmacy supply chains can provide the quality care and services we need.”

“Our goal is to ensure we provide the highest quality of pharmacy products at the lowest cost to our customers, and we have a process in place to ensure suppliers are meeting our requirements,” the statement read.

“Rogers has the highest-quality pharmacy supply teams in Canada.

We have worked with our suppliers to identify and ensure that they are meeting those requirements.”

In its statement, Rogers also said it has an “aggressive commitment” to improving pharmacy quality, and is “actively seeking more suppliers to partner with us.” 

Rogers CEO Rob Rogers says he is working to increase quality of services for its pharmacies.

He also says he wants to expand the number of pharmacies in Canada and said the company has a “aggressive” commitment to improve pharmacy quality. 

Rogars chief pharmacy officer, Dr. Andrew Mabrey, says it is too early to say what changes the company will make to its supply chain to meet the demands of its customers.

Rogers said the number and quality of pharmaceutical products being provided to its customers has increased in recent years, and that it has made “significant investments” in its supply chains. 

“We’re continuing to invest in our pharmacy network, as we’ve done in the past.

We’re expanding our network to include more pharmacies and we’re building new manufacturing facilities to expand our presence in Canada,” Mabry said. 

The company has also announced a number of initiatives, including an effort to hire a chief executive to manage the pharmacy workforce.