• September 16, 2021

Why Auburn pharmacy’s ‘Sneakerheads’ will need a sneaker shop

Auburn’s sneakerheads have been hoping to shop at the Auburn pharmacy for years.

Now, after years of planning, they’re finally going to get their first chance to buy some sneakers.

But the sneaker store will be in a different part of town from other Auburn pharmacies.

It will be located on the same block as a Safeway, a Kroger, a Whole Foods, and a Trader Joe’s, all of which will be opening in the area.

The location of the pharmacy is being set aside so that shoppers can walk in and get a taste of what Auburn is all about.

The store will open on Sept. 5.

“We want to make sure that our shoppers have a great experience,” said Dr. Scott McBride, CEO of The Sneakerheads.

“We’ve been working with the Auburn Pharmacy team to make that happen.”

The Sneakerhead is a brand new retail concept that has a focus on health, beauty, and sustainability.

It’s not just a retail outlet, but a community center, as well.

“It’s about creating an experience that people can come to, and be a part of, and make their own decisions about the future,” said McBride.

The goal is to create an environment that allows for people to feel comfortable shopping at an Auburn pharmacy.

There are many retailers in the Auburn area, but The Sneakers has been able to find a space that works well for everyone.

“As far as the type of store, we have one that’s really comfortable, comfortable for everyone,” said co-owner Kevin Smith.

“I feel like we’re in a place that’s not only comfortable, but we’re actually building a better experience for our shoppers and making our retail space as comfortable and inviting as possible.”

The first step in creating The Sneakhead was figuring out what to do with the old Kroger and Safeway.

But that was a daunting task.

“They’ve both been really hard-hit by this recession,” said Smith.

The Safeway’s store is already closed.

The Kroger has closed and it’s a little over three years since it opened.

“I think we need to have a real conversation about where we’re going to put the money going forward to continue to grow and support the community,” said Schleicher.

There’s also a desire to have an outdoor location.

The location will be on the side of a major thoroughfare, so that there’s plenty of space for pedestrians to walk by and shoppers to walk into.

The Sneakers will also be the first of its kind in Auburn.

The first store opened in the city in 2011.