• September 11, 2021

Walmart pharmacy sales plunge by 12% as pharmacy refills fall off list

A pharma pharmacy sales drop off list is hitting a new low as many customers have decided to ditch their prescriptions for generic products.

Walmart’s pharmacy refill sales fell to $5.9 billion in the first quarter, down 9.2% from the same quarter a year earlier.

That’s the lowest level since November 2015.

WalMart says it plans to refocus its pharmacy refilling efforts, including a program that will allow people to purchase prescription medications through pharmacies.

It will also add more pharmacy pharmacies in its stores to help fill prescriptions.

The industry’s slow recovery has led some to argue that the company’s strategy of selling more branded products is working, but WalMart says that strategy is being misused by some consumers.

A recent survey found that nearly one in five people are choosing generic drugs over their branded alternatives because they can’t find a generic that’s cheaper, which is the main reason for the decline.

WalMart is trying to shift its prescription refills business from selling branded products to offering generic ones.