• August 30, 2021

New Brunswick to give $500 rebate for health care coverage

New Brunswick will give an additional $500 per year to all consumers in the state, after a $5.3 billion plan was announced by the government.

The rebate will be available for those eligible for the state’s universal health insurance plan, the New Brunswick Medical Assistance Program.

It is the first time that New Brunswick has offered such a benefit to residents.

The move comes after months of speculation that the province was considering a change to the plan, which was announced last year as part of the budget.

The government’s new plan was originally designed to provide coverage for people in nursing homes and other low-income groups.

The plan, known as the New Start program, was supposed to begin in 2019 and run until 2024.

However, it has since been delayed and the government has made no mention of a new program in the budget papers.

The $5 million was made available to cover health care expenses of residents aged 65 and over.

It will be distributed by the Department of Community Health, which will provide a one-time payment of $5,000.

The Government has previously announced it would cover $5m for health services for residents in the public sector, which has also been given $5million.

The program was originally supposed to last for 10 years, but was extended to cover an additional 12 months in 2018.