• August 26, 2021

‘Happiest Pharmacy in America’: ‘It was like Christmas in a bottle’

A super 1 pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida has been named the happiest in America.

In a survey by Consumer Reports, the super 1 in West L.A. was voted as the “happiest” pharmacy in America, beating out five other cities that had the highest number of people giving the super1 the thumbs up.

The super 1 is a pharmacy that offers a wide range of specialty drugs and health services, including acupuncture, acupuncture treatments, nutrition and physical therapy.

The pharmacy also offers a pharmacy card, which gives you access to its extensive network of doctors and therapists, and it offers its customers a free wellness plan, which covers most basic health care costs.

According to Consumer Reports: “With a pharmacy’s expansive array of specialty services, a super 1 can be a convenient, cost-effective and convenient place to shop, and the pharmacy’s community is always a source of inspiration and joy for our customers.”

The super 1 also has a full-time staff of over 500.

They have a wellness center and a free-roaming pharmacy that has access to all of their other services and pharmacies, as well as a community center that can provide an extra outlet for socializing, meetings, and community events.

The community is a big reason why this pharmacy has been voted the happiest.