• August 19, 2021

Super 1 pharmacy will open in Cochrane, Coquitlam

A pharmacy will soon be opened in the Cochrane neighbourhood of Coquitlaw, B.C., after receiving a federal approval to do so, according to the local Chamber of Commerce.

Super 1 will open the pharmacy in the former super 1 pharmacy at 790 Cochrane Drive by March 31.

The proposed Super 1 is located at the intersection of West 7th Street and Cochrane Road.

The company has received approval to operate the pharmacy at a proposed site on the site of the former Cochrane Super 1 Pharmacy, which closed in May 2018.

“The company has secured approval from Health Canada to operate a pharmacy in Cochranl.

That approval is a major milestone and demonstrates the confidence and support the Chamber of Business and Industry has for this proposed business,” said Dan O’Brien, executive director of the Chamber.

Cochrane is in B.N.T. and covers the eastern half of the province.

It’s the northernmost municipality in B to C.T., and is home to about 12,000 people.

It is the home of the Coquitlans B.CNT Health Authority, the largest health authority in the province and a regional hub for the Coquihalla Health Region.

The former CochranL pharmacy was shuttered in 2018 and has been closed for the last three years.