• June 17, 2021

How to get the best pharmacy coupons from Smiths pharmacy

By Amitav Pratap, CNN India editor-in-chiefOne of the biggest challenges in getting discounts at a drugstore is that most stores have a limited number of products and there are often not enough coupons to offer.

The company that has come up with the perfect solution for this is Smiths Pharmacy Discount Card, which offers discounts on pharmacy drugs and pharmacy supplies at over 100 of its outlets across India.

To start with, the card is available to customers at Smiths pharmacies across the country.

This means that you can use the card to buy all the products you need to buy at the local shop and take advantage of coupons that you are eligible for.

“We have over 100 pharmacies in our portfolio, ranging from small and medium sized pharmacies to larger pharmacies and pharmacies that have a total of over 2,000 outlets.

This makes it a great solution to get discounts from Smith, even in small and mid-sized pharmacies,” said Shri Nandini Bhatt, Vice President and CEO of Smiths.

The card works by giving a list of products, coupons and discounts that you may be eligible for from the pharmacy, and it will work out of the box when you visit the shop.

“The list of the products and discounts is available on the card, which is available from any of the stores, or at the pharmacy for a fee.

The card has the option of using a cashier for you to pay the retail price, which saves time and hassle,” he added.

To see if you are one of the first to be able to access the card in a particular shop, you can go to the site.

There you will be directed to the Smiths website where you will see an icon on the right hand side of your screen which will say “Smiths Pharmacies Discount Card” when you click it.

Once you click that icon, the cards offers will appear.

Once your card is in the shop, it will show you the list of product categories that you might be eligible to shop for and when it reaches your door, it shows you a coupon for your pharmacy’s pharmacy supplies.

It also displays the price of the items that you need, the coupon that you will get and the cost of the supplies.

The cards also offers you the option to print out a coupon sheet and send it to your nearest Smiths shop, which can be accessed on the website, he added.

“The card also has a built-in payment option for customers who have not been able to use the online store.

Simply enter your card number and your card details on the payment form on the phone and you can pay online in cash,” said Bhatt.

This is a great way to get discounted products and supplies at Smith’s pharmacies in India.

You will be able find out more about the card at www.smithspharmaciescard.in.