• July 24, 2021

How do you get a flu shot in Canada?

Posted by CBC News on July 16, 2018 12:18:10Canadians will soon be able to get a vaccine in Canada.

On Monday, July 14, the government will announce a new federal program that will allow Canadians to receive a shot for free through their health care providers in a matter of weeks.

That means people who don’t want to pay for a shot in advance can now get it for free without having to travel to a province where they’ll have to go through a lengthy registration process.

“You’re not going to be required to have any health care provider visit you to get it,” said Dr. Michael Rennie, a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Long-Term Care.

The province of New Brunswick will also offer free vaccine for people who live in Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces.

“There’s no reason why you can’t get the vaccine at home, but if you want to do it, you need to go to a doctor,” he said.

It’s not the first time that the government has made the move.

In September, the federal government introduced a new online service to get people vaccinated.

The government said the new program is designed to give more people access to safe and effective vaccines while ensuring that everyone who needs a shot gets one.

“If you are a healthcare professional and you want your patients to have access to a flu vaccine, we want to ensure that they get the most effective and effective vaccine possible,” Rennies said.

The plan is similar to a pilot program in which pharmacies have been allowed to offer flu shots to their customers.

But there is a catch.

The new service is currently only available in Nova Scotias, Ontario and Quebec, and the provinces are not participating.

It also doesn’t guarantee that a doctor will get the shot for them.

Instead, the person who gets the shot will have to take an in-person appointment at a pharmacy.

The provincial program was created under the Canada Health Act to ease the burden on health care workers.

Health officials said they are still looking for the right balance of convenience and access to vaccine, and that there is not a specific model for how the program will work.

In the meantime, the public can still get a shot from their healthcare provider in a few other provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

“We want to make sure we have access, but we also want to be fair to those people who are unable to get the vaccination,” Rellie said.